Guaranteed odor removal is a service we can provide all handmade or machine made non tufted rugs.  How do you know if your rug qualifies?  Look at the back of your rug, if there is no back covering such as canvas and if you can see the pattern of your rug on the back.  We can guarantee that we can get the odor out.  There still could be permanent damage such as staining or color bleeding.  Or there could be damage to the foundation of your rug.  Urine goes on acidic but dries to a very high damaging alkaline PH and if left on your rug it can compromise the dyes or permanently stain your rug.Our cleaning process will remove many yellow stains, some will not come out.  We do not guarantee stain removal.

Tufted rugs: If you have a tufted rug, it will have a cloth or canvas type backing.  You will not be about to see the pattern of your rug on the back.  These rugs are held together by a layer of glue.   Often times, due to the short life span of these rugs, the material on the back will have started to peel away from the rug fibers.  This is because over time the glue becomes brittle and starts to break down, causing the material to loosen-  rugs in this condition cannot handle being immersed in water or enzymatic solutions.  Therefore we cannot guarantee that we can get the urine/odor out. With tufted rugs the treatment can be as costly as the rug itself and we might recommend replacement.  However, sometimes  a rug is special to you, maybe for sentimental reasons or sometimes it is just the perfect color and size, if that is the case, we are happy to discuss how we can recover the rug for  you.

Pet Urine and Your Rugs.

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