I know you would like to keep your rug looking great and stay clean longer. Here are some rug care tips for you to accomplish that, including adding years to the life of your rug.

Between regular cleaning of your rug, vacuuming is one thing that can make a real difference. The same dust you see on your floors and furniture is settling on your rugs. This dust, along with the heavier dirt accumulates and causes the worn spots you see on older rugs. When we do our dry soil removal process we often find the dirt is the color of the rug, this is due to the fiber being ground by the particles of dirt. It’s like having sandpaper in your rug!  We recommend using a canister vacuum that just has suction with no brush action. This helps avoid your vac grabbing the fringe, which is a major cause of damage on rugs. Please vacuum mostly WITH the nap of the rug if you have a thicker pile rug. If you are using your rug in an entry, kitchens etc with heavy soiling then you need to add a regular step to the process. Once a month turn your rug over and use your vacuum with a beater bar/brush and slowly run it up and down the rug while on a hard surface. You will likely find it gently vibrating out the heavier soils and see them on the floor. THIS saves the life of your rug! When finished on the back, then of course you give the front a thorough vacuuming to remove all the dust, dirt, allergens, and fine particles. If you maintain your rug 1-2 times a week you will lengthen the life of your rug and increase the healthy environment in your home.



Inevitably, the time comes when something is spilled on your rug, soda, wine, coffee, or juice. I want you to fight the urge to grab a regular cleanser/spotter and spray it on and scrub the area; this causes more permanent harm than good as you rub stain INTO the fibers. A good emergency system is a very simple one, and all you need is club soda (or soda water) and cotton towels.

Think this simple process……BLOT – RINSE – BLOT…..OR if you have a shop vac you can quickly and gently use it to suction the spot/stain out and adding a moderate amount of water to rinse. Don’t rub aggressively, just vacuum slowly and completely going mostly WITH the nap.

Prepare your rug first Aid kit : accumulate and place the following together in a bag/box to be ready for emergencies…club soda or soda water, corn starch, salt, white cotton towels

Please Do NOT use regular carpet spotters! ( most will cause quick bleeding or at minimum damage  the wool)

Do NOT use SCRUB brushes  (can permanently distort wool fibers! )

BLOT ►If needed use spoon to carefully scoop the away solids

Check towel for dyes ► See Dyes in towel?

YES? blot carefully and STOP ► ( the dyes are likely a bigger problem than the spill)

pack with corn starch or salt ►( this will hopefully keep the dyes from spreading further)

NO dyes in towel? apply some club soda ( or soda water) in moderate amount, don’t over wet !

►Blot/rinse/Blot and     ►stain removed?  Repeat as needed

Dry quickly with Hair dryer on WARM only ( hot can also release dyes)

    Final step is critical. Prop up rug under wet area and place fan blowing under rug for 24-48 hours, you MUST dry the cotton foundation that takes MUCH longer to dry than the wool face fibers. Remember, you can’t feel the internal moisture, justKNOW it IS there!    Don’t skip this !! or you will possibly cause Rot in your rug.

Stain remains? Call us 720-494-7847 and Roll up the rug and bring it in to us ASAP,  the sooner we get on a stain the better chance we have to remove it. If it is a bad staining issue, and dyes are not an issue, then put a damp towel over it and keep the stain from drying. Remember, we offer pickup if you have a large rug.

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